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big bubbles, no troubles

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8/22/08 10:07 pm - divejunkie - Puerto Galera, Philippines - Take 1

10 days of diving in the tropics, and I've come home with a lot of pictures!

10 more this way

3/23/08 02:43 pm - zeke_xa3 - Help and Advice wanted

Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter Bank Holiday.

I am after some advice/pointers/links/critique on something im working on. A bit diving related and a bit sailing related so someone maybe able to help somewhere.

In July my house contract ends as does my job. Having come back from travelling last year and taking up diving and to some extent sailing in a major way, im thinking now is a good time to see if sailing/diving is a career I want to pursue or maybe a career break I want to pursue.

As such im looking for some work in July along the lines of either working on a motor/sail boat as crew, working in a dive shop, working up to boat hand or maybe instructor. Im hoping to spend at least a year trying this out, if it fails I can come back to the UK back to an office job somewhere, else im happy to go wherever I can get work.

So, I was wondering if anyone out there has any advice, pointers, websites they can recommend ? I have about 3 months to see what I can find, I may have a contact in the Balearics who can put me up and introduce me to some skippers but I don’t want to rely on that 100% and would be nice to have a good idea of the market. I know there are diving internships around, however usually the cost is good for what you get but by the time you facto in flight and accommodation and no guaranteed income after its not something I can afford to do. Maybe a longer term one, or even some sort of sailing apprenticeship would be a dream job now!

My vital stats as it were are listed below

Age 25, based in Soton UK till July 2008
Work experience, all customer service and customer facing based
Relevant Qualifications
BSc (Hons) Marine Sciences (2004)
R.Y.A. Start Sailing (Keelboat) (2007)
R.Y.A. Powerboat Lvl 2 (Coastal/Planing Endorsement) (2008)
P.A.D.I Open Water Diver (2007)
B.S.A.C. Sports Diver (2008)
B.S.A.C. Assistant Diving Instructor (2008)

Courses Booked
R.Y.A. Basic Skills Level 2 (Keelboat) (2008)
R.Y.A. Day Skipper Theory (2008)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


3/9/08 02:40 pm - beanpod7 - This is awesome!

I want this car!


7/9/07 10:17 pm - thedegnans - POWER DIVING (Cross-posted)

HI all...
We got home a midnight last night.
So, how was our trip?  
4 days
4 dives per day (with a night dive on the 4th day).
For a total of 17 dives which equaled over 13 hours of bottom time.
The first dive of each day was a deep dive (more than 110 feet) on four well known wrecks.

  • Wed - the Spiegle Grove

  • Thurs - the Bibb

  • Fri - the Duane

  • Sat - the Eagle

The rest of the dives were reef dives, and had a lot of marine life.
Pictures are worth 1000 words:

The more I do this, the less I want to work in my current profession, or live in New Jersey.

3/20/07 04:35 pm - kalligraphy - 3 Dive Fatalities, Key Largo

This is why people should never do cave or wreck penetrations without proper training and equipment.


Dave Malkoff

(CBS4) KEY LARGO Authorities have identified three divers who died while
exploring a sunken Navy ship and were in the process Saturday of recovering
their bodies.

The three men, all from New Jersey, died Friday off the Florida Keys, but
it remains unclear exactly how they died.

Authorities identified the divers as Kevin Coughlin, 51, of Chatham Borough
and Jonathan Walsweer, 38, and Scott Stanley of Westfield. Stanley's age
was not known.

The men were exploring the USS Spiegel Grove, which was sunk in 2002 as an
artificial reef and attempting what is called a "penetration dive,"
venturing into compartments inside a wreck, the Monroe County Sheriff's
office said in a statement.

A fourth man, Howard Spralter of Westfield, N.J., who was diving with the
men but did not go inside the vessel, surfaced safely after he started to
run out of air and alerted others that the men had not emerged, authorities
said. Coughlin was subsequently brought to the surface by other divers but
pronounced dead at a hospital.

On Saturday, divers from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Key Largo
Fire Rescue recovered the bodies of Borough and Walsweer, whose bodies were
located deep inside the Spiegel Grove. The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission and the United States Coast Guard are assisted in
the efforts.

One body was brought to the surface just before noon and the second just
before 4 p.m. Both of them were transported to the Islamorada Coast Guard

Both bodies are being transported to Key West so the Monroe County Medical
Examiner's Office can perform autopsies to determine the cause of their

3/11/07 02:01 pm - _inthepink

Does anyone know if the Naui Scuba Diving exam is available online? I'm looking for the questions and answers.

3/7/07 04:30 pm - zeke_xa3 - Scuba Diving - Brisbane - Help wanted

Hi there, Im wondering if anyone here can give me some information or point me in the right direction.

Early next month i will be in Brisbane for about a week and would like to go on a scuba dive or two.

However i am finding it difficult to find anywhere online that gives details of either day dives for people who have no qulifications (I have done one dive in Malta several years ago) or run a course over 3 or 4 consecutive days.

If anyone knows of anywhere where i can find this information or knows of any companies operating in Brisbane along those lines i would be gratefull for the information. Else i will ust have to wing it when i get there and see what i can find!

2/28/07 01:33 pm - divejunkie - Farewell Beacon

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sponge in the river

A few more

x-posted. sorry about the spam!

1/23/07 01:25 pm - redheadedjuliet - Training advice

After falling in love with diving on holiday in Koh Tao last summer and getting the advanced adventurer (SSI) I want to incorporate diving in my plans for world domination (RTW trip) next year! Ultimately I'd like to instruct. However, living in Ireland (Brrr) and training being extremely expensive with the privilege of logging dives in water with zero vis here, I'm hoping to travel & learn.
I know of a few people who have gone the dive-slave (meant in the best way) route and worked in return for training in various places and was wondering a) is this the best route and b) where people would recommend. I've my eye on Egypt or maybe Greek or Canary Islands as would like to get going at the start of the trip and the first leg involves Africa. I'm planning to head off January next year, so not sure what seasonal considerations I should take into account either. 

All suggestions greatly appreciated :)


11/23/06 02:51 am - illuminenihil


So here's my situation. I did a try dive in 2002 in Zanzibar and had a really wonderful time, once I got used to things. Then I went to get certified in Mozambique and completely panicked.

To be truthful - I'm very uncomfortable in the water and have never been a big swimmer. Clearing my mask is terrifying, losing my reg would be a nightmare - all these things work against me. I've never jumped off a diving board.

BUT - I had the most amazing time when I did stick it out underwater in Zanzibar. And my boyfriend passed all his certifications with flying colors. He's like a fish. And I know I'm disappointing him. We're going to El Salvador and Honduras at the end of January. I know the diving in Honduras is supposed to be amazing.

If any of you could recommend anything that I could do from now till then - b/c I could try for certification again there - that would make me feel more confident diving, and in the water in general, I would be unbelievably grateful.

I feel so foolish.
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